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Dear campaigners, dear friends, dear fellow citizens, 

3 months ago, the European Commission finally published its proposal to reform the European Citizens’ Initiative regulation. Thanks to this long overdue decision – we have been insisting on this for more than three years – now is our chance to give the ECI a fresh start.

To make sure we do not miss this opportunity, we have hired Maarten de Groot as the new campaign coordinator. Based in Brussels, Maarten will be exclusively focused on making ECI reform a success. With the full support from our diverse team of experts, Maarten will be able to lead our advocacy work throughout the whole legislative process that is starting now.

We were able to hire Maarten thanks to the small reserves we accumulated over the past 10 years of our existence. However, we still need to raise more funds in order tosecure Maarten’s position for the whole duration of the legislative process, which will take at least until the end of 2018.

Could you please chip in so we can make sure that our voice will be heard in the EU? If 100 people among you donated 50 EUR now, we would already be able to secure his position up until the summer. But every donation counts!

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Since 2014 we have been working very closely with the members of the European Parliament who have largely supported our ideas and voted overwhelmingly in favour of ECI reform in 2015. In summer 2017 we even had a meeting with European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans to share our views with him.

Thanks to all this work, the Commission has already included many of our proposals to improve the ECI. For example, the simplification of data requirements for signatories and lowering the minimum age to 16. Yet, there are still many points which were overlooked by the Commission. We have to make sure we give our best shot now to improve the regulation as much as possible for future ECIs.

We know from 10+ years of experience that without a strong presence close to the Institutions in Brussels, all those efforts could be lost. Could you please make a contribution to ensure that we can carry out a strong campaign with all our partners for an ECI that really works? From 5 to 100 EUR or more, every donation can make a difference.

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Sincerely yours,

Carsten Berg
Director of The ECI Campaign