_________________ Tips for ECI campaigns from “An ECI That Works!”


The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) has shown great promise for EU-wide issue campaigners. ECIs have helped raise public awareness of important topics like unconditional basic income and environmental destruction. ECIs have also helped support the creation of vibrant new EU-wide networks on issues such as street safety and the European educational model. In addition, ECIs have contributed to shifts in the political dynamic around contentious issues like water privatisation and trade partnerships.

The ECI is not as easy to use or as impactful as it could be. The ECI Campaign is working hard to change this. In the meantime, we offer potential ECI users ideas for how to increase your chances of running a successful ECI campaign. “Tips for ECI Campaigns” brings together practical tips from 16 ECI campaigns on subjects such as setting goals for your ECI, building a transnational campaigning structure, effective signature collection, and more. It is designed to supplement, not replace, existing ECI “how to” guides with the hard-won, real-world experience of seasoned ECI campaigners.

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