Join us in Brussels on The future of citizens’ participation in Europe

2019-07-02 News

How can we awaken the transformative power of the individual through modern forms of citizens’ participation? This will be one of the key questions at our session at the Soul of Europe conference August 23-25 Brussels. Please feel invited to join us and make use of the unique opportunity to meet diverse future ECI organizers and staffers of The ECI Campaign. We will run two sessions on “The future of citizens’ participation in Europe”. In particular we will explore the potential of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) as the world’s first instrument of transnational participatory democracy and look at finalized, ongoing and future ECIs such as ELIANT, Ban Glyphosat, Save the Bees and Farmers, Attention 5G and others. This workshop also aims at discussing the potential role of other forms of citizens participation such as  randomly chosen citizen’s assemblies as we know them for example in Ireland.

For registration please consult the Soul of Europe conference website.