Meet The People of The ECI Campaign

The ECI Campaign is powered by a virtual team of multi-talented campaigners, some of whom have run their own ECI campaigns. You’ll see us speaking at events and commenting in the media. Behind the scenes, we research, lobby, write, code and do whatever we can to improve the ECI.


Carsten Berg – The Rock
Guiding the ECI since its inception while channelling Churchill: “never, never, never give up!”
ECI Cred: Lobbied for the ECI since the 2002 Convention on the Future of Europe

heike Heike Aghte – Lobby Ninja
Battle-hardened lobbyist guiding us through the jungles of Eurodom
ECI Cred: Organised ECI 30km/h – making streets liveable! 
Twitter: @frieda_eu
james James Organ – Legal Sage
Cutting through the rhetoric to reveal what EU law actually says
ECI Cred: Published definitive study of Commission’s ECI registration decisions
janice Janice Thomson – Caped Persuader 
Public participation evangelist weaving information and ideas into words
ECI Cred: The ECI Campaign’s “woman in Brussels” in 2010-2011
Twitter: @jkthoms
jerry Jerry Weyer – Social media freak
Social media expert increasing citizen participation one byte at a time
ECI Cred: Campaigner for ECI Unconditional Basic Income and ECI Let me vote
Twitter: @jerryweyer
mumta Mumta Ito – Systemic Visionary
Keeping our eyes on the long-term goal of democratic transformation
ECI Cred: Organiser for future ECI Rights of Nature
On Youtube Mumta Ito proposing European Citizens Initiative for the Rights of Nature
paul Paul Carline – Polyglot Grammarian
Linguist who helps us to bridge language and cultural divides
ECI Cred: Working for more direct and participatory democracy since before some of us were born
pawel Pawel Glogowski – Chief Juggler
Keeping all the ECI balls in the air, website online and everyone in line
ECI Cred: Researcher on the ECI
Twitter: @ecinow
prisca Prisca Merz – Underdog Crusader
Fighting to make the ECI accessible to people with big ideas, but no resources
ECI Cred: Initiator of ECI End Ecocide
Twitter: @priscamerz
stan Simona Pronckute – Digital warrior
Convinced European and activist working for citizens-friendly Europe
ECI Cred: Organised and led Fraternity 2020
Twitter: @simonapronckute
stan Stanislas Jourdan – Mediactivist
Multi-talented media expert helping us to creatively conquer apathy and clutter
ECI Cred: Campaigner for ECI Unconditional Basic Income
Twitter: @stanjourdan
thomas Thomas Eitzenberger – Hackathlete and Ecowarrior
Open source evangelist and strong believer in the need for a paradigm shift
ECI Cred: IT specialist for End Ecocide and co-implementer of OpenECI software
Twitter: @eitzenbe
xavier Xavier Dutoit – Digital Democrat
Moving bits around eparticipation, civil sector, data-mining for good and civicrm. Changing the world, one byte at a time.
ECI Cred: IT specialist for ECI Right 2 Water and co-implementer of OpenECI software
Twitter: @eucardin