Survey on a Collaborative Platform for the European Citizens’ Initiative 

2017-04-19 News

Following our demands and the European Parliament’s proposal, the Commission will implement a Pilot Project in 2017/2018 with the aim of setting up an online collaborative platform that would bring together organisers, citizens, experts and the Commission in order to offer support and advice on the organisation of initiatives. The platform will be an additional service and will complement the current information/support services offered by the European Commission.

Please take part in the online survey or use the PDF and send it to by 23 April 2017.

The ECI Campaign recommends that the platform ought not to be run by the Commission, but instead co-created by NGOs, some of which are already active on the issue.

If you can’t answer the questions by 23 April we recommend you to make this issue a topic during the official consultation on the implementation of the ECI expected for May 2017 (more information to come).