ECI “Stop Glyphosate” followed by action outside Commission Building

2017-07-22 News

Brussels, 19 July: Citizens toppled a giant glyphosate bottle at the Schuman roundabout outside the European Commission, symbolising their demand for a ban of the controversial weedkiller. At the same time, EU leaders were meeting to discuss an extended licensing of glyphosate in the European Union.

The spectacular action was closely connected to the ECI “Stop Glyphosate”, which demands to ban glyphosate, reform the EU pesticide approval process, and set mandatory targets to reduce pesticide use in the EU. The organisers had managed to get the one million signatures needed in record-breaking 4 months,

The ECI was launched on February 8th 2017, backed by a pan-European coalition of over 100 civil society organisations and co-ordinated by WeMove.EU.
On June 15th, the organisers announced that they had already reached the goal of one million signatures – which means that the ECI “Stop Glyphosate” is the fastest growing ECI in history!

On July 3rd, 1.320.517 signatures were then handed over to the EU commission.
David Schwartz, ECI Coordinator at WeMove.EU commented: “There is more than enough scientific evidence of glyphosate’s health and environmental harm to justify a ban. Over one million Europeans are asking for a glyphosate ban and a transition to a pesticide-free future. Our politicians need to hear this message loud and clear: they must protect citizens and the environment by banning this dangerous weedkiller and putting us on the path towards a pesticide-free future.”

The EU licence for glyphosate runs out at the end of 2017. Differently from what the citizens´ coalition demands, the European Commission has proposed renewing the EU approval for another 10 years. EU governments are to vote on the Commission´s propsal in September – October 2017. The commission will take a decision, based on the vote by EU governments in November or December 2017.
In order to increase the pressure on the EU institutions, the ECI organisers decided to continue collecting signatures.

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photo: via Twitter