No ID card numbers from any ECI supporter in any country

2010-11-03 News

The draft European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) regulation lets each Member State unilaterally determine which personal data to collect from its citizens and how to verify that each signatory in fact exists, is a citizen of their country and is old enough to sign an ECI.

The European Data Protection Supervisor has determined that ID card numbers are not necessary and should not be collected from individuals supporting an ECI. Yet, the overwhelming majority of Member States still insist that each ECI supporter fill out a form that includes the number of their ID card, passport, social security card or similar. Only a small number of countries will not collect ID card numbers.

An ID card number requirement would prevent every potential ECI sponsor the ECI Campaign has contacted from even launching an ECI. It would effectively kill the ECI.

The ECI regulation should ban the collection of intrusive personal data such as ID card numbers. Furthermore, to ensure equal treatment of EU citizens regardless of nationality, a neutral European body should approve national signature collection and verification rules. European citizens’ rights need to be overseen by European bodies.

ID card number requirement = no ECIs

In honour of constituency week, each day this week, the ECI Campaign will highlight a different aspect of the draft ECI regulation that must change so EU citizens can in fact exercise their new initiative right.