Mobilisation for ECI Reform Intensifies

2015-03-27 News


There is a clear consensus that the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) does not work as well as it should. However, there is no agreement on which reforms are needed. Without massive public pressure, EU decision-makers are unlikely to adopt the kinds of ECI reforms necessary to restore citizen trust in the ECI and ensure its continued use.

Within The ECI Campaign we do our best to promote meaningful ECI reform by sharing the experiences of ECI users, organising ECI-related events, lobbying politicians, working with the media and more. However, our resources are limited. We can’t do as much as we’d like.

Thankfully, more and more individuals and groups are also taking the initiative to advocate for meaningful ECI reform. Here are a few recent examples:

Democracy International is mobilising its members and supporters to advocate for ECI reform. It brings together democracy activists throughout the world to promote more direct forms of citizen participation.

The European Youth Forum is drawing attention to the important issue of lowering the age of ECI support to 16. Youth have a major stake in the EU’s future and deserve to be given a voice in influencing the EU’s agenda via the ECI.

Past ECI campaigners are personally reaching out to national government representatives and MEPs to share their own experiences using the ECI and explain why significant ECI reform is needed.

Additional groups are preparing ECI reform campaigns at the national level and around specific aspects of ECI reform. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re public. Please do tell us if you are planning any new initiatives to promote ECI reform or discover others we should know about. There is much to do. We need as many people as possible throughout the EU all working to save the ECI!