Freedom of Choice under threat? 

2016-11-03 News

Please join us in Brussels on Monday, 7 November, at the conference “Freedom of choice under threat? What can European citizens do”. Organised by Allianz ELIANT, the European alliance for antroposophy which had successfuly managed a self-organized ECI just before the official ECI rules entered into force. Registration is still open. The ECI Campaign Director, Carsten Berg, will co-run the Workshop on “Democracy and the Responsibility of Civil Society”.

The conference will address the following key questions and challenges which concern European citizens:

– Why is freedom of choice a crucial issue and a challenge for the cultural development of Europe?
– How can freedom of choice be promoted and guaranteed, and what can European citizens do about it?

The conference explores concrete examples of the divergence between the EU’s promised values of freedom and pluralism and their actual translation in practice through seven parallel workshops:

  •     Agriculture: Land Sharing and Plant Breeding
  •     Democracy and the Responsibility of Civil Society
  •     Integrative Medicine – A Way forward for Public Health
  •     Public Health: Prototypes for Patient-Centred Healthcare in Europe
  •     Education: The Digital Dilemma – To Use or to Be Used
  •     People with Special Needs: Necessary Care and Support
  •     Citizens’ Fundamental Rights: The EU Charter and its Neglected Aspects

The event will close with a plenary session, where the highlights of each workshop will be presented and ideas for engaging citizens in support of freedom of choice will be examined.

When? Monday 7 November 2016, from 1pm-8pm (including networking lunch and dinner)
Where? Residence Palace, Polak Room, Rue de la Loi 155, Brussels (see map)

Please register here