An ECI That Works! Learning from the first two years of the European Citizens Initiative

2014-04-01 News

It has been two years since the introduction of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), the first tool for transnational participatory and digital democracy in world history. To celebrate and boost its developments, The ECI Campaign has produced a new publication, An ECI That Works!. On 15 April 2014, printed copies will be available at The ECI Day conference in Brussels. A complete online version will also be available at that time at where you can find already today an assessment by the ECI Right2Water, the view of Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the EU Commission and further ECI stakeholders.

This publication, edited by Carsten Berg and Janice Thomson, invites you to take part in a discussion on the ECI and the future of democracy in Europe. It brings together learning and insights from 16 pioneering ECI campaigns and 22 officials, politicians, researchers and experts. Practical experience gives their voices strength and credibility. They, better than anyone else, know how often the ECI does not work and to what extent it needs urgent improvement.

In one year, the ECI Regulation will be up for review by the European Parliament and Council. Therefore it is time now to open the debate, raise questions, reflect on observations and share perspectives.

As the EU’s democratic deficit continues to grow alongside citizen frustration with EU decisions, the ECI has become a beacon of hope for a more democratic EU. Expectations are high, but so are the challenges. The ECI was never on the wish list of governments and it was not devised by EU insiders. It has instead replicamagic been the product of long-term grassroots citizen engagement for more participation and democracy. We hope the stories in this publication will inspire you to get engaged for a renewed Europe by citizens. Together we can ensure that the ECI works, not just for us, but for all future generations to come!

On 15 April 2014, join us to continue the debate at The ECI Day in Brussels or visit