Breaking: European Parliament with Legislative Proposal for a better ECI The European Citizens´ Initiative is back on the agenda!

2017-07-06 News

Press Release

The ECI Campaign  highly welcomes a new draft for a Legislative Initiative Report of the European Parliament for an improved Regulation 211/2011 for the European Citizens´ Initiative. The text, which was drafted by György Schöpflin (EPP), has just been published.

The suggested amendments aim at making the ECI more user-friendly and politically more powerful, with an enhanced follow-up for successful ECI, which managed to gather more than one million signatures. The latter is specially greeted by The ECI Campaign because “a reformed ECI regulation must make policymaking not only ‘more accessible’ but also more impactful. Every successful ECI thus should lead to a legal proposal by the EC and a plenary vote by the EP,” comments Carsten Berg, director of the NGO.

The report comes out at exactly the right time, with a Public Consultation of the European Commission on the ECI ongoing until 16th August. While the commission includes detailed questions about user-friendliness, administrative burdens, and options to enhance the ECI as a tool for discussions in its questionnaire, it stays however vage when it comes to the political follow-up, criticises The ECI Campaign. The activists have therefore published their answers where they highlight the importance of more political power, plus other neglected aspects.

They are now campaigning to encourage citizens and other NGO to also contribute to the consultation. “This is a unique opportunity for citizens to share their concerns and opinions with the commission”, says Heike Aghte, campaigner for the consultation procedure. “Citizens responding to the commission, plus a European Parliament initiating ambitious suggestions for an amended regulation – this is a perfect setting where all protagonists can strengthen each other.”

A first discussion of the Legislative Initiative Report will take place in the Committee for Institutional Affairs (AFCO) on 12th July, whereas the commission´s consultation will be continued until 16th August.