ECI-Seminar in the European Parliament June 22nd

2010-06-01 News

Everyone is invited to participate in the next ECI-Seminar “Questions of Implementation”  on June 22nd, 9h-12h30,  in the European Parliament  in Brussels, organized by the Liberal group.

Please register with Pekka Eskola.  If you need a badge to get in please provide name,  date of birth and your ID-number before 18.06.2010

Carsten Berg, Coordinator of the ECI-Campaign, is invited as ECI-expert and will present our proposals published earlier on this website. Also EU-Commissioner Sefcovic will particiapte in this  seminar and try to explain the Commission’s proposal. To get an overview on the Commission’s proposal  click on the flowchart:


Sefcovic has recently given another speech on ECI.  Hardly anybody within Civil Society or in Parliament and Council does understand how Sefcovic can say with a straight face that his proposal is “simple, understandable and easy to use”.  Considerable improvements still are necessary, if ECI really is to be workable and for this we need sufficient time.  As ECI-Campaign we repeat our credo “quality should go before speed”.  Thus let’s keep on our long work for a citizen-friendly ECI-design and develop a truely workable European Citzens’ Initiative patiently.