Making the ECI More Impactful!

2019-02-11 News

As of today, the European Parliament (EP) will hold plenary debates on successful European Citizens’ Initiative based on the newly reformed Rules of Procedures of the EP. These agreed rules are an important step towards a more impactful ECI and a result of more than one year of our joint campaign work. The relevant amendments refer to number 62, 63 and 76 which have been approved based on the so called “Corbett’s report”.

New successful ECIs can benefit directly from this achievement as of today. Here you find more information about ongoing ECIs including the ECI End the Cage Age with nearly 600.000 supporters the leading initiative and perhaps the next successful ECI.

It is important to note that these changes are not part of the currently debated reform proposal of the ECI regulation but exclusively of the European Parliament’s Rules of Procedures. The campaign for a successful reform of the ECI Regulation goes on with all our available resources with a special focus on the ECI’s digital dimension, see more here.