Let’s Grow Participatory Democracy in the EU! Join us in Liverpool on 5 May 2016.

2016-03-07 News

The ECI Campaign has single-mindedly advocated for a user-friendly and impactful European Citizens’ Initiative for over a decade. This remains our goal. We are not giving up!

However, the Commission’s refusal to act on the Parliament’s request to reform the ECI Regulation has convinced us of one thing. We’ve been far too timid. We must expand our scope beyond technical issues of ECI reform to campaign for stronger EU citizen participation.

If we are ever to have an ECI that works, we must demand more not less. We must link the ECI to multiple ways citizens can influence EU policy and shape the future of the Union – from policy crowdsourcing to deliberative consultations to transnational social movements. We must dream big and join forces with all who believe in a democratic Europe of citizens.

But first we must identify and publicise diverse and innovative ideas for a more democratic and participatory European Union. What might it look like? How might we get there? What are the next democratic projects? Where does the ECI fit?

To this end, we are co-organising an interactive conference in Liverpool, UK on 5 May 2016 entitled Democratic Participation in a Citizens’ Europe: What Next for the EU? It’ll bring together activists and academics who believe passionately in the need for more democratic participation in the EU and have ideas for how to make this a reality. If this describes you, please do join us!

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