Constituency Week: Day One

2010-11-01 News

Talk to your MEP(s)

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) are in their home countries this week. They’re talking to ordinary citizens about what’s important to them and what they want the European Parliament to do.

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is the only democratic tool ordinary citizens can use to influence the legislative agenda of the European Union. Yet it is in very serious danger of being rendered unusable by an excessively and unnecessarily restrictive implementing regulation.

Next Monday, MEPs on the AFCO committee will be back in Brussels to discuss the final draft report on the ECI regulation.

This week, during constituency week, let your MEP(s) know how important the ECI is to EU citizens and to European democracy. If possible, share your concerns with your MEP(s) in person. Otherwise, phone, write or e-mail his or her office. Feel free to use our sample lobbying letter.

In mid-December, all MEPs will vote on the ECI regulation approved by the AFCO committee later this month. They are under significant pressure to approve the regulation in the first reading.

The time to act is NOW! Only a few weeks are left to save the ECI.

In honour of constituency week, each day this week, the ECI Campaign will highlight a different aspect of the draft ECI regulation that must change so EU citizens can in fact exercise their new initiative right.