Commission Registration Decisions are Weakening the ECI

2015-03-06 News


Since the launch of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on 1 April 2012, nearly half of all ECIs (20 out of 47 as of 1 March 2015) submitted to the European Commission for registration have been declared legally inadmissible. This extraordinarily high refusal rate raises serious questions about both the Commission’s application of the ECI Regulation and the appropriateness of a pre-registration legal admissibility check.

The ECI Campaign is deeply concerned that these decisions are significantly weakening the ECI instrument and inhibiting its future use, thus restricting the rights of EU citizens and undermining EU democracy overall. All registered ECIs, regardless of the number of signatures collected, have created the important democratic benefits of cross-border policy debates and giving EU citizens the chance to influence the EU policy agenda.

By preventing the registration of so many ECIs, sometimes on questionable legal grounds, the Commission has not only prevented debate on important topics like nuclear power and the TTIP trade agreement, but also dissuaded others from even considering using the ECI. We believe it is one of the key factors contributing to the dramatic recent decline in the number of new ECIs.

As a first step, we call on the European Ombudsman, as well as the AFCO and PETI committees in the European Parliament, to investigate the Commission’s interpretation of the ECI Regulation on issues of legal admissibility. We believe many of these decisions have been excessively strict and violated the intention of the Regulation. We also support ECI campaigns challenging Commission decisions in the European Court of Justice, although regret the slowness of this procedure. During the upcoming review of the ECI Regulation, we ask for a reappraisal of the legal admissibility check.

Below you find further relevant links to the subject.

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ECI-related court cases:

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One of Us
One of Us and Others v Parliament and Others – Case T-561/14
(Date of application: 25/07/2014)
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Ethics for Animals and Kids
HB and Others v Commission – Case T-361/14
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(Date of application: 16/01/2015)
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