Building a User-Friendly ECI Online Collection System

2012-12-19 News

We warmly invite you to the ECI technical working meeting: “Building a User-Friendly ECI Online Collection System”. The event will take place on January 25th 2013, in Brussels, from 09.00-15.30 at the Economic and Social Committee.

Please register here by January 10th if you wish to attend. BACKGROUND INFORMATION AND PROGRAMME:

Dear ECI organizers, dear friends of the European Citizens’ Initiative,

the ECI, Europe’s first element of participatory democracy, has been in place now for more than half a year and you are one of the courageous citizens who have actually taken the initiative. Congratulations!

As you probably know several of the ECI organizers continue to report that the new instrument is not yet working in the way they expected as the online infrastructure has not yet been sufficiently developed. This is already leading to a painful and unnecessary loss of online signatures.

In the context of these obstacles we would like to invite you to a technical working meeting on a more user-friendly ECI Online Collection System (OCS). The general goal of this meeting, in collaboration with stakeholders (the IT experts of the ECI organizers), is to create a plan for developing a low-barrier online collection tool which really works: instantly, with a campaigner-friendly design, at low cost and without the need for further technical expertise once it is set up.

After a short survey of the current state of the art / problems of the ECI OCS we will discuss a first draft proposal as to how it might be possible to set up a workable online infrastructure for ECIs in the above mentioned sense (first draft proposal by Xavier Dutoit ( If you have an own IT proposal, we welcome you to contribute it and kindly ask you to communicate this to us in advance. In a third step we will set up a roadmap for how to proceed, including who could contribute to making such an online infrastructure possible.


“Building a User-Friendly ECI Online Collection System”

 8.45 Registration of participants

09.00 Welcome and presentation of the aims of the event, Carsten Berg

09.15 State of the Art of ECI OCS implementation, Carsten Berg and Xavier Dutoit

10.15 Coffee Break

10.30 Proposal for getting out of the ECI IT-trap by Xavier Dutoit and Aleksi Rossi

12.15 Lunch Break

13.15 Further debate of presented IT proposal(s)

14.00 Team building / Follow-up

15.30 End of the meeting

No registration fee; lunch not included. This event is organized by the ECI Campaign – a grassroots coalition of democracy advocates and European NGOs dedicated to the creation and successful implementation of a European citizens’ initiative right. More information at: The ECI Campaign