Breaking: ECI End the Cage Age Hits 1 Million Threshold

2019-05-30 News

As of May 30th2019 the ECI „End the Cage Age“has reached more than 1.000.000 supporters from across Europe to end animal cruelty and is most likely to become the sixth successful ECI in EU history. In order to secure all threshold requirements the ECI „End the Cage Age“ will continue its signature collection. The official deadline is September 11th2019.

This ECI could serve as a role-model for future ECIs and has been extraordinarily well prepared in advance. For more information how to successfully prepare an ECI, see the Practitioner’s Check List. Like the latest successfully turned in ECI „Ban Glyphose“, it does not use the Commission’s online collection software. Instead it uses the openECI software which was orginally co-produced for the ECI Stop TTIP and which now is available free of charge for future organizers. 

More Background:

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